Frequently Asked Questions

What do you expect/want from the members of MISA?

Members are expected to pay their semesterly/annual membership fee and attend as many events as possible. The officers work hard to make every meeting, social, and tour is beneficial to you. Please come out to as many as you can.

May I contact any of the officers if I need help with MIS courses, internships, or job interviews?

Please feel free to contact any of the officers at any time. Officers are knowledgeable members and our help is at your disposal. We offer our help in any way that we can, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

Is food provided at the meetings?

During Thursday meetings, we try our best to provide food/snacks. The meal options will be announced via email to members prior to the event. During tours, most companies will provide breakfast and/or lunch depending on the time span of the event.

How often are the company tours?

We aim to go to at least one company tour per month. Over the 4-month semester, we usually attend around 3-4 tours total. The attendance list is on a first come first serve basis and are open to members only.

Are there officer applications/open positions?

Officer applications go out at the beginning of April of every year. The positions are a year-long commitment. If there is an opening in between, we will reach out to individuals who stand out as potential candidates.

How do I get involved as a member?

Please reach out to the officers if you are interested in taking on some extra responsibilities. We give more opportunities to students who reach out, but as a member, it is not expected of you.