Our Core Values

We Foster Education

Management Information Systems utilizes both business and technology. This allows students to gain valuable insight in areas such as Marketing, Accounting, Administration, but also knowledge with databases, networking, web applications, programming, and management. The combination of business and technology reflects Silicon Valley at heart.

We Pursue Excellence

An MIS student has the opportunity to pursue a professional career at all the Business Intelligence tech firms as well as non-tech industries. Positions within MIS can vary from consulting, project managers, system analysts, online program specialists, and many more.

We Practice Honesty

Honesty is the core of our organization. Every relationship made in MISA begins with trust and is reciprocated with honesty. When you are passionate about something and you do it honestly, you will succeed.

We Create Fun

Although the world of business is very professional, we like to enjoy the activities that life has to offer. By hosting many social events throughout the semester, we provide a channel for our members to relieve themselves of stress or other exhausting events.

Hi, my name is .


Marco Alvarado



Medha Korrapati

Vice President


Shane Boyle


Abitha Thiru

Director of Technology

Paul Fox

Director of Corporate Affairs


Mayank Jain

Director of Operations


Derek Antti

Event Coordinator


Ria Nigam

Director of Engagement